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Web Analytics with Google

Running online marketing campaigns without data and analytics is like being blindfolded. Besides finding out if the people visiting your website are potential clients, it is also important to measure if the flow of your visitors and information provided is clear and working towards a conversion — turning visitors into clients.

With Google Analytics you can make this information easy to understand and track all your campaigns.

When Google Analytics is properly implemented, the KPIs are set, and data analyses correctly, these statistics bring a large amount of valuable information to the surface. It will allow you to improve your website, optimise your SEA, and adjust your campaigns with the right framework and tagged properly.

Our Method

Our Digital marketeers at Hylomarketing are all Google Analytics Qualified. This means that the setup and analysis of your Google Analytics are in trusted and experienced hands. We create our recommendations and strategies based on analytics through Google analytics. Contact us today now!
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Why use Google Tag manager

The basis setup of Google Analytics is a measurement framework. Implanting one tracking code on the website is often insufficient, when you want to measure multiple campaigns. These channels often need a tracking snippet on the website like the Facebook or Pixel.

Tags are website code snippets that can be used to measure visitor behavior. Almost every online (marketing) application uses tags. With tag manager, it will allows us to set tracking events where we can easily and quickly set up goals to measure specific campaigns.

Advantages of using GTM 

Faster website
All tags and events managed from 1 location
Easy testing and debugging.
Time and Cost saving

Google Data Studio

For every entrepreneur online, it is important to develop and implement a clear online strategy. Information is required to determine whether you are on the right course in attaining your goals. With all your site visitors and their actions are measured, it can be hard to get a simple and clear overview of all this data, but with a dashboard containing the information you need, it will  be easy to see the big picture.

Are you on the right track?

We at Hylmarkerketing uses Google Data Studio to create our visual dashboards. This tool has a lot of advantages compared to other paid dashboard providers. Some of these advantages are:
Easy to use dashboards
Visual display of data with diagrams & graphs next to tables etc
Direct connections with multiple marketing platform.
Always up to date
Customised reporting of your SEA results.
Ability to consolidate data through spreadsheets.
And much more.

Our way of work

All marketeers From Hylomarketing are Google Analytics certified. This means that your campaigns are in professional and experienced hands. The founder Umi Meder has worked with Google in Europe, and here we have contact with Google. 

When setting up the dashboards, it is important that we have a plan of action and defined a strategy to set the most important aspect, KPI’s. These KPI’s will be built in a custom dashboard for your business.

We are happy to help you with your ideal dashboard. Contact us today to look how we can help you.
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Because media is becoming more and more digital and the landscape is always changing, companies and organizations have to shift their advertising budgets and efforts differently in order to stay competitive. We understand digital advertising and show advertisers the way in the rapidly changing digital world. We are digital natives with knowledge and experience through passion, in this way we can best advise our followers, customers and partners in this continuous transition.


We promise that our clients will spend advertising budgets more effectively, that there will be less waste of money and that the effects will be more measurable. We continue and thrive where others stop.
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You always know where you stand and you get insight into all the results trough dashboarding.
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We live and breath digital marketing, this is what we do everyday. We love to stay up to date with new trends and technological changes so you won’t have to.




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