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How do we operate?

Does your organisation have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy?

Strategic intake

With a customised digital marketing strategy, we can learn and improve a lot faster.

Plan of action

Through the strategic intake we can set up a plan to rollout your strategy based on priorities  over all channels 


Setting up measurement framework for google analytics. And roll out all campaigns over all channels


Analyse results and your costumer behaviour in order to make improvements to the campaigns and or website.

Digital Marketing

By using the correct tools and marketing channels, we ensure you that your product or services will get a good online visibility and exposure . We have experience with different companies and industries that allow us to create the right digital marketing formula for your business.
Google Adwords
Mobile Advertising
Google shopping
Bing Ads
Keyword research
Website Migrations
optimisation for mobile
Display Advertsing
Rich media advertising
Video Advertising
Conversion optimisation 
Conversion Attribution
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Competition is fierce online. To win you need to plan, manage, and optimise your digital.  Having an integrated digital strategy is essential for long term success online.

Strategic Session

Together we can hold a session with an emphasis on digital marketing. In order to develop a marketing strategy for your business, we will be using frameworks of the successful model SOSTAC® and other proven concepts while adjusting according to the on-going trend to determine what we have to do.
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Social Media

Lower Costs with a higher sales result
Better accessibility of your target group
Greater Brand Awareness
Clear insight into results and responses

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Ads can give extra depth to your online campaigns through multichannel advertising. Because of the unique targeting options and the large userbase, more companies and brands are spending a larger portion of their marketing budgets on social media advertising.
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Web Analytics

Our Digital marketeers at Hylomarketing are all Google Analytics Qualified. This means that the setup and analysis of your Google Analytics are in trusted and experienced hands.

Web Analytics with Google

Running online marketing campaigns without data and analytics is like being blindfolded. Besides finding out if the people visiting your website are potential clients, it is also important to measure if the flow of your visitors and information provided is clear and working towards a conversion — turning visitors into clients.
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Banner Ad Design
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation
Social Media Content
Visuals - Picture & Video


Besides performance marketing, we also need to have the correct content in order to make the successful campaigns.
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Digital Marketing Training

Our Digital marketeers at Hylomarketing are all Google Qualified. We work with digital platforms everyday and we will make sure you can receive the most up to date training. 
In our training course, we will not only train your team in the theory that is needed, but they will also be able to work in the field immediately and learn by doing. Using the knowledge that is already in-house, we can assess if we start with beginner courses or advanced courses. 
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Because media is becoming more and more digital and the landscape is always changing, companies and organizations have to shift their advertising budgets and efforts differently in order to stay competitive. We understand digital advertising and show advertisers the way in the rapidly changing digital world. We are digital natives with knowledge and experience through passion, in this way we can best advise our followers, customers and partners in this continuous transition.


We promise that our clients will spend advertising budgets more effectively, that there will be less waste of money and that the effects will be more measurable. We continue and thrive where others stop.
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Personal Marketeers
Our personal approach and a partnership with us ensures that you can focus on your core business.
Transparent and Measurable
You always know where you stand and you get insight into all the results trough dashboarding.
Digital Marketing is our Passion
We live and breath digital marketing, this is what we do everyday. We love to stay up to date with new trends and technological changes so you won’t have to.




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