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B2C – Retail

Take charge of your online marketing by driving more visitors to your brick and mortar store through your website and social media accounts.

Drive more customers!

The sales process for business are shifting every year more and more online. The landscape is ever changing because of research online.
Build your business lead generator, through the combination of your website, marketing automation and your information system.
Multi-channel advertising, deliver the right message at the right time to your potential clients in order to get your leads. Convert prospects to leads and finally to sales through marketing automation.
Automate your reporting in order to get the right insights so you can make your data driven business decisions.

Curious about your Digital Marketing strategy?

Stop wasting your media budget and let us and our approach work for you.
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B2C Retail industry

Digital marketing Hylo
As a retailer, your customer does not always make the choice simply by walking through the mall. Often the customer already orients themselves before, mainly through online channels. And even when they are in the shop, with the smartphone in their pocket, there are still plenty of ways to influence their choice. So it is important that you are in the process of consideration before the potential consumers goes to the store or when they are in the store. Besides a brick and mortar store, there is always a hybrid solution of selling online and in your store.

The web & Online marketing has become a jungle in social media networks, search networks and mobile apps. Everybody researches online in completely different ways. It is not feasible to be present and active on all networks. How can you reach your potential clients more efficient? How can you spend your resources and advertising budget most efficiently in order to get the most leads and in the end increase your sales?

Curious about your Digital Marketing strategy?

Besides all the marketing channels and technology providers, how can you advertise efficiently for your business without wasting media budget on non-relevant clicks? How do you retain the people interested in your products during the shopping process of a potential client? We have been working with various retail companies in Europe over the past years, since we are a data driven agency we have tested many campaigns in order the get the best results. 

For the past years we have been putting this puzzle together for companies. We understand that every business is different and uses different technologies. We can help you put that puzzle together for your company, Contact us today for a chat, without any obligations!
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Past life experience 

Few of the companies where we worked for or online projects worked on in the past 8 Years. 


Google Partners, training agencies in strategy, pitching and implementing google products.

Rocket Internet

Startup Incubator; Lazada, Zalando, Food Panda, Lazada, ...

Hybrid Media

Data driven digital marketing agency with clients in various industries over Europe

BYD Lofts

Highly rated independent hotel in Phuket Thailand 


Manufacturer of innovative healthy living products for homes and buildings


E-retailer founded by Rocket Internet.


Swiss insurance company - Project based in Belgium

Hello Fresh

A meal kit is a subscription service founded by Rocket Internet

Maxi Zoo

Leading pet retailer in Europe


Business center & co-working spaces

Ken Shoe Fashion

Large offline & Online Fashion retailer in Belgium. 


E-retailer founded by Rocket Internet

Versuz BE

Largest night club in Belgium


B2C retailer in building materials


Mobility card provider in Europe


Because media is becoming more and more digital and the landscape is always changing, companies and organizations have to shift their advertising budgets and efforts differently in order to stay competitive. We understand digital advertising and show advertisers the way in the rapidly changing digital world. We are digital natives with knowledge and experience through passion, in this way we can best advise our followers, customers and partners in this continuous transition.


We promise that our clients will spend advertising budgets more effectively, that there will be less waste of money and that the effects will be more measurable. We continue and thrive where others stop.
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Personal Marketeers
Our personal approach and a partnership with us ensures that you can focus on your core business.
Transparent and Measurable
You always know where you stand and you get insight into all the results trough dashboarding.
Digital Marketing is our Passion
We live and breath digital marketing, this is what we do everyday. We love to stay up to date with new trends and technological changes so you won’t have to.




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